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Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to Get Your Chucks Looking Good as New

Okay, these are not Chucks, they're Ed Hardy (you caught me). But I still run into the same problem all Chuck owners run into, how to get the tops clean? At least for me, water and soap just doesn't do the trick. I've even tried cleaning them in the washing machine but I find that thrashes the shoes. So from trial and error, I've discovered that "Mr. Clean Magic Erasers" will get the tops sparkling white.

*I'm told there's a Japanese version of the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers sold at Daiso. Apparently it comes in a giant block and you can cut it up into smaller sponges. This would probably be a cheaper alternative to the Mr. Clean Erasers.




Anonymous said...

Good to know!

Peach Nia said...

Thank you for sharing!!
Imma try find them in the UK now;D

Lisa said...

Hmmm...brilliant! I'm upset with myself for not thinking of that before. We have a closet full of chucks...all four of us own at least 3 pair! Thanks!

Calise said...

This is so cool! I was curious after reading this and looked up what Magic Erasers are made of (because I'm weird like that) and it turns out it's the same material as soundproofing insulation and can be bought in sheet for tons less then the Mr. Clean ones. That is, I guess if you're okay buying in bulk and cutting them yourself like you said :)
You can just search for melamine foam and it's the same stuff.
Thanks for blogging!

Peach said...

Thanks! I have some cons that are newish and beginning to show a little dirt. I had been wondering how to clean them without compromising the rubbery surfaces.

Lorie said...

We use the magic erasers for EVERYTHING!

I am pretty sure they are going to end up killing us! They are just too good to be true! I love them! I will have to check out the Japanese version!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I told my mother, who buys off brand everything, to buy the real Magic Eraser first and use it - so she knew what it was supposed to do :)

I use them on my white leather shoes, too - awesome product. :)

sophie-cat said...

Wowww thank you so much!! I have been trying to figure out how to clean mine forever!

Ayie said...

That's a great tip, it looks pretty brand new to me the way it got cleaned.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Awesome. If only I had known that for the pair about 15 years ago that I wore while mowing the lawn. Though the green accents were... interesting.

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