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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How To Wrap a Gift Basket

With Easter approaching, I thought it would be timely to share how to wrap a gift basket. With this technique your basket will look just as good as the professional ones in the store. Simple directions below.

Basket - I recommend getting one at the thrift store. They're just as good as anything you would buy at the store and usually cost less than a dollar.
Magazine or catalog

Fill your basket 2/3 full with crumpled magazine paper (step 2). Cover all of the crumpled paper with one piece of paper (step3). Cover with shredded paper or Easter grass (step 4).

Arrange the gifts starting at the back with the taller pieces and work your way to the front with the shorter pieces. This makes the gifts look more appealing and helps hold the smaller items in place. If you need support to stand an item up, use decorative cardboard to place in the back of the basket. In the past I've used cardboard from boxes covered in wrapping paper.

Place the basket in the center of the cellophane and pull the cellophane up so it's folded in half. Refer to picture.

Fold the right side behind the basket (refer to picture). Secure with tape. Fold the left side and secure with tape. Sometimes there's excess cellophane that needs to be cut back to make it more workable. Bunch up the top of the cellophane over the basket toward the back and secure with a rubber band. Make sure the cellophane in the front of the basket doesn't bunch up at all. Sometimes it takes a little finessing to get it perfect. Tie a ribbon over the rubber band. Done.

This is what the back of the basket will look like.


Violet LeBeaux said...

Oh pretty, that bunny looks so comfy! I would like to start giving more gifts which are nicely presented.

Anonymous said...

Really great post! The nicest gifts can be ruined by poor presentation. This basket looks so lovely!

I happened to read this recently and thought it would be useful here -
basically paint newspaper with watercolors and shred that. It's almost free (if you have water colors, but I imagine even food coloring and a little water would do) and much more earth friendly (:

zakkalife said...


thanks for sharing the link for the "greener Easter grass". I have to admit I felt a little guilty using that plastic stuff when I knew I could probably reuse something. I'll definitely check out the link.

babalisme said...

Hooray!! I like your basket wrapping tutorial! Your tutorial is always practical and essentials!

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