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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vintage Handbags

Lobster Stencilled Tote
Needle craft for Today July/Aug. 1979

You know that expression, "what's old is new again". Well, I'm realizing how true that is when it comes to crafts. A lot of the craft projects in my vintage magazines are very similar to the projects I've been seeing on the craft blogs. Take for example, this handbag above. I know I've seen it in a current Japanese Craft book (just can't remember which one). So, below are a couple of pictures for inspiration along with some links to handbag tutorials. Enjoy

Needle point flower clutch
Needle craft for Today July/Aug. 1979

Necktie carryall
Needlecraft for Today July/Aug 1979

Since I can't share the tutorials for the handbags above, here are some similar tutorials I found online.

Necktie handbag pattern - Craftbits

Apple print tote bag - Craftstylish

Clutch purse with antique pin closure - BHG

Kid craft coming this Friday.


The Queen of Clearance said...

I love the necktie hand bag. I might have to take a crack at it! Thanks for the post!

Ayie said...

Everything just circulates even clothing fashion. Those are cute handbags!

bottle-labelerblogspot.com said...

Hand bag looking too good....Thanks for your post

babalisme said...

Thank you for all the links!! yes..old is the new..er..new!

Drea said...

love 'em all. thanks for the links! :)

Piggy said...

Cool bags! Love that clutch.. really colorful! :D

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