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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kid Craft: Chopstick Holders

Let me introduce you to Rachael from the blog La Fuji Mama. On her site she shares her love of food with some of the most amazing recipes. One of my favorites is the carrot sesame salad, yum. Besides recipes she shares about her life sprinkled with a few craft projects.

Today Rachel from La Fuji Mama will be sharing how she makes Chopstick holders.

When Jessica asked me if I would be willing to guest post here on Zakka Life, I couldn't help but say yes as I'm a long time reader and huge fan of Jessica's! We currently have family visiting, which makes my oldest daughter Squirrel very happy because that means that one of her favorite playmates (my nephew) is here to get into trouble with her. They've been doing lots of running around, building architectural miracles with blocks, and of course, LOTS of coloring.

Although I try to display Squirrel's artwork as much as possible, inevitably I end up with stacks of extra pictures. The mom in me cannot just throw them in the recycling bin, so I try to find ways of repurposing her art.

One way that this can be done is using them at the dinner table. You can always laminate a picture and use it as a placemat, but how about a more unexpected use? One 8.5x11-inch piece of artwork can easily be turned into 2 paper chopsticks holders.

A stack of art can give you a whole party's worth. Plus, they're easy and quick to make and you don't need any special tools or materials. Here's how you do it:

Click on images for a larger view.

1. Grab the art that you want to use.
2. Turn each sheet horizontally and cut down the middle so you now have 2 sheets that measure 8.5x5.5-inches.

3. Grab one of the sheets and place it in a vertical position in front of you. Decide which end you want to be the top and which end you want to be the bottom.
4. Flip the sheet over and then fold it into thirds lengthwise.
5. Fold the top corners down to meet the 2 center folds.

6. Fold the left side over (using the existing crease line you created in step 4) and press.
7. Fold the right side over the left side (using the existing crease line you created in step 4) and press.

8. Flip it over and then fold the bottom end up approximately 1-inch and crease.

9. Optional: use a piece of tape or a sticker to hold the bottom flap in place.
10. Optional: use stickers/markers/other art supplies to further decorate the front of the holder.

Slide your chopsticks in, create more, and then set the table!


Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction said...

Very cute idea! :)

Nutmeg Nanny said...

What an adorable idea! How fun:)

Kristin said...

Great guest post - a fun idea!

Ayie said...

that's very clever! cute! i bet her daughter was all giggles seeing her works being used as chopsticks holder =)

Rachael Hutchings said...

Thanks so much for having me Jessica!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

These are SO cute, I love them! It mush be so much fun (and sooo delicious) in the Fuji house!

Nissa said...

I love this craft! I can't wait to try it out..

Unknown said...


Cari said...

I have personalized chopsticks for my wedding and we made these as teh "sleeves" for the guest! We used ivory card stock paper and followed the same directions. The guests loved it! You can use this for fun with kids, or something a little "nicer."

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