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Friday, September 11, 2009

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Recipe

Lately the weather has been hot around hear, 95 today to be exact. To cool down I decided to make Hawaiian shaved ice. My husband lived in Hawaii for a year and he often talks about the shaved ice there. Actually, most of his Hawaii memories revolve around food but I digress. I figured there was no reason why we couldn't recreate his favorite shaved ice dessert at home. So I made cones for everyone. Simple directions below.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Recipe

Syrup (any flavor)
Canned Azuki beans ( you can purchase this at most Asian markets)
Condensed milk

To make the shaved ice you can go with the easiest route and use a shaved ice machine. They're actually quite reasonable and with summer coming to an end, I'm sure you can find one on clearance. If you don't own one and have no plans on running out to the store to buy one, a standard blender works well too. The texture will just be a little different, not as fluffy.

1. Fill a cone 1/3 with azuki beans.
2. Fill the rest of the cone with shaved ice.
3. Pour flavored syrup over ice.
4. Drizzle condensed milk over ice. Enjoy

*optional - you can also add ice cream on top of the beans or fresh fruit. Since there are so many options, there's really no wrong way to make shaved ice. Get creative and have fun.

There's also a good tutorial on how to make flavored syrup with Kool-aid packets over at Skip To My Lou.


Ayie said...

cool and refreshing! best for the hot days, we're also tipping at 97 here at times.

I like making the traditional halo-halo of the Philippines. It's like shaved ice too but more ingredients.

happy weekend!!

Ayie said...

ooops i forgot....your daughter...kawaii!!!

*~kAy~* said...

aw.. such a cute picture! <3 makes the shaved ice look so yummy! :)

zakkalife said...


mmm, halo-halo, and I like the ube ice cream that's in it.

Ayie said...

ube ice cream is different...it's purple yam ice cream. I will quickly look for a link so you can check out what halohalo is. Btw, halo means mix in english and it was called halohalo because of many mixture of ingredients like beans, coconut meat, nago or sago pearls, ube, leche flan, kaong, nata de coco, crushed ice and evaporated milk. It's usually sweetened by syrup, vanilla or sugar. I'll come back after I found a good link for you =)

Ayie said...

Hi Jessica, here are some links you can check. Ingredients vary and you can actually be creative with it.




hope you'll like it! let me know if you have more questions =) I'll be more than glad to answer you

zakkalife said...


I had halo-halo at a restaurant once and they put ube ice cream in it along with fruit, ice, and jello. I figured that was the norm but maybe that was just the restaurant's special way of making it.

Thanks for sharing the links. I'll check them out.

Ayie said...

oh that's a special way of serving it. It's usually offered in restaurants and fastfoods serving halohalo. It's called the "special" they top it with ube ice cream and sometimes you can have 2 ice creams topped which are vanilla and ube. That makes it really rich. For those who get this, they usually omit sugar and syrup since the ice cream is sweet enough.


*karen said...

I'm a Hawaii transplant moving back in November (!) and I really miss the food. Coincidentally, some friends of mine started a blog devoted to shave ice: shaveicesnobs.wordpress.com. They rate different shave ice venues--you never know it might come in handy when you come to visit.

Danna said...

I never thought of Condensed milk!! We have a snow cone maker sitting on top of the fridge. I think I just found my weekend project. :)


zakkalife said...


LOL, that's where I keep my snow cone machine, on top of the fridge.
If you get a chance to make it, let me know what you think.

Suze said...

It was 90 degrees here today with no trades. Shaved ice sounds sooo good especially as our ice maker in or refrigerator doesn't work. It's getting fixed next week...can't wait.

Anonymous said...

We get Yes something like that here also for buying... with ourselves this ice has the name Flush and It there is in red... green... blue.... the children love it;)

Dear greeting Marion

Liz said...


Christine at Origami Mommy said...

This is one of our favorite treats! It's also good with other fruits on it. In Korea it's served with strawberry or watermelon, along with the oh-so-important azuki and condensed milk!
the photo is adorable!

inoriz said...

You know in Singapore we have something very similar to this! It's called 'Ice Kachang'.

On wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ais_kacang

It used to be my favourite desert and cost only 60 cents when I was a kid! Now it costs about $2 per bowl at a food court. :D

{little.happy.things} said...

Is the girl in the picture your daughter? She is soooooo cute!

Hänni said...

Shaved ice. How fun! BTW the little girl on your post looks like she's an anime character. Kawaii!

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very cool in this summer season

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