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Monday, April 26, 2010

Japanese Kirigami Book

One of my weaknesses is Japanese craft books. Call it my crafty kryptonite if you will. When I see one of those glorious books I go weak in the knees and feel the instant sensation to buy, buy, buy! And so was the case last weekend when I walked into the Kinokuniya bookstore. I had met my match with this Japanese Kirigami book. Like a tractor beam, it locked on to me and pulled me in with its exquisite crafts. Below are a few pictures from the book which should illustrate why.



Anonymous said...

I haven't had any luck tracking this down in the US.
Sasuga books accepts special orders and if the book is in print, they can get it for you.

Tien said...

I would fall in love with this book too. The butterflies on the cover are so pretty, and I especially love the circle patterns ... so lovely. Japanese craft books are also my kryptonite, so Kinokuniya is dangerous!

Ah, shame on you. Now I have to add this to my "Must Have" list ...

Anonymous said...

We have a japanese book store in Paris (France) I do buy Japanese books and can't read japanese...but I managed to make some of their crafts like patchwork bags,origami,and clothes, (.only the sizes are to small for europeans).tawashis,carving stamps..amigurimi...thanks for sharing.Y.S

ILikepaperCutting said...

ha ha, like the way you descript your kryptonite.

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