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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Easy Tea Cakes for Kids

Now that we've got the picnic blanket made, there's a lot of tea parties going on. And you know what makes a good tea party, right? Cake! So I whipped up a few of these petite tea cakes for the party. They only take about five minutes to make, promise.

Tea Cake Recipe


Pound Cake - the kind you find in the frozen section is best because of the texture. They're easy to cut and even carve into shapes.


Cool Whip

Here's what the pound cake looks like.

Cut into thin slices, trim crust, cut into small rectangles ( about 1 1/2 inch long).

Filling: Cut up a couple of strawberries and mix with some cool whip. Just enough to coat the strawberries. You can also use jam for the filling.

Spread filling on one slice of pound cake. Place second slice on top of filling.

Frost cake with cool whip. Decorate any way you wish.

Invite guests.

I think this guest's eyes are bigger than his stomach.


ana @ iMadeItSo said...

funny. and looks like such a decadent little treat. i don't know if i mentioned yet, but i love the clever little picnic tote you made! the fabric choice is fantastic.

Christy クリスティ said...

What a perfect tea cake! It looks so yummy and delish! Can i have a bite, pretty please?

Kristin said...

love the easiness of this, especially the no baking on a hot day. Your guest made me laugh.

FrolleinFranetzki said...

oh so yummy! I heart colourful sugar stuff :)

*~kAy~* said...

How cute! I love this idea! <3
hee hee... My eyes are always bigger than my stomach! :p
Love your 'guest' :p

bloomize said...

Can I please be invited to the party too?

The domestic novice said...

Those look scrumptious!

{little.happy.things} said...

These are nice! I tried to make some strawberry shortcake but never success. I think this will work!

ILikePaperCutting said...

love the cake idea. Wonderful1

Yarni Gras! said...

oh my gosh. That looks quite yummy! I like the sprinkles at the bottom. I think this will be on my list for summer with the kids this year, thanks! :-)

Ayie said...

sure an easy dessert, i better give this a try!

Violet LeBeaux said...

So pretty! I think I know what will be on the menu for my next tea party!

ILikePaperCutting said...

how do you do the thundreds and thousands at the side?

Sandi a::k::a KnitMyRhino said...

Holy Guacamole! My son has that same doll/what he likes to call "Mort" from Penguins of Madagascar cartoon! I know it isn't actually Mort, but he thinks it is! That counts, right? LOL, love the recipe...you ROCK!!

kim@mommyknows.com said...

Absolutely adorable. My kids would love these.

Thank you for the tutorial.

Andee said...

I just found your blog and I love all your cute craft ideas. Thanks for sharing such awesome inspiration!

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