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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm Addicted to Candy Corn!

Now that I've knit one of these cute little candy corns, I'm completely addicted. They're so easy and relatively quick to make. I think I'm going to whip a whole batch for my daughters play kitchen. I found the free pattern on Mochimochi Land by the talented Anna Hrachvoec.

If you've never knit with double pointed needles before, here's a great video to help you get started.

What are you guys knitting right now?


Tracey said...

Wow, Judy makes it look so easy!

Will using double pointed needles give the same end results as using circular needles? (I am inexperienced knitting, but I have learned how to use circular needles...barely!)

Elsa said...

they are so so cute! I love candy corn too and can over do it if I'm not careful!
I do almost every thing I knit on circular needles, they are much more easy to handle than straight ones (at least for me). I mostly use dpns for smaller projects like hats and such.
I've got a couple of projects on the needles, 2 shawls, a blanket and a sweater (that has been sorely neglected of late).

zakkalife said...


The candy corn are only about one inch in length. Sorry, I should have pointed that out in the post. I'm not sure if there are any circular needles that small to make this. Anyone have any suggestions for Tracey?


Wow, you've got a lot of projects going on. Thanks for sharing. :)


Michelle L. said...

Hee! Highly adorable! Any little girl would go nuts over these. Even me!

laputain said...

Knitting...yeah...there was that failed scarf project last christmas (time yet to rip it out and start again for this christmas?) and then there was the 'beginners' baby bootee project over the summer with no explanation of how to do the decreases which I probably *over thought* but ultimately gave up on. It's fair to say I am at something of a knitting nadir.

This time last year I left a job and was given, as a leaving present by the gals, an awesome knit-a-tea-cosy kit (we brits love our tea cosies). I already owned one tea cosy but two teapots so this was cool. It is still untouched. Yesterday one of my oldest friends gave me a...you've guess it....knit-a-tea-cosy-kit. Erm. Heck.

I haven't worked out how to fix this one yet!

Unknown said...

The candy corn could almost be knitted on double pointed toothpicks!

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