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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Giveaway & Review Pages

You may have noticed I added a few new buttons to the site, "giveaways & reviews". In the past I've posted all giveaways here but I've now set up a separate page for it. So to kick off the new page, I'm giving away one roll of this cute matryoshka packing tape. Click here or on "giveaways" to go to the matryoshka packing tape giveaway.


Amy said...

Sadly, I'm unsubscribing from your blog because I got a 'pop-up' ad. It was one of those that simply swing in front of what you are trying to read and you have to hit close to not see it. I'm all for advertising on blogs, but the disruptive ones are far too much for a personal blog about craft and family. I've enjoyed the content of your blog, but I'm not about to enjoy your 'sponsors' advertisements directly over your content.

zakkalife said...

Hi Amy,

I'm sorry you feel that way but thank you for letting me know.

I would like to say that nothing has changed in the past year and a half when it comes to ads on my site. I only have one ad on my site that only runs 50% of the time. The other half of the time it shares links to other craft/DIY bloggers. Also, it's very rare that the add actually pops up over the site. In fact, I've never even had anyone complain about that but I understand how that can be annoying.

Last, unlike other sites, I don't hide any ads in my writing, there are no affiliate links. I'm upfront and honest.

Sorry to lose you :(

All the best,


zakkalife said...

I forgot to mention, if any of you are experiencing a lot of pop ads please let me know. I don't want any of you to feel like you're being bombarded by ads when you come to this site. That's something I've tried to avoid all these years.


cmooretech said...

My favorite craft right now (as winter approaches) is Knifty Knitting or peg knitting. I can crank out a hat or two every evening.

Baye said...

I've never had a problem. Thanks for all the great stuff you post. Love the blog!

zakkalife said...


Thanks for the positive feedback :)

tulpoeid said...

Yes, I really think this is Amy's own problem. Unsubscribing from blogs one enjoys after one (1) pop-up is one's own problem.

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