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Friday, October 15, 2010

Travel Tips on Bloomize

Clara of Bloomize has a great series going on called "What travels with You?" You can find me over there today sharing about what I bring on my travels. I've been reading the series myself and have learned about some fun products like, Holy Seat Toilet Spray. Even if your vacation season is over, you still might want to head over to her site. Clara has a knack for finding the cutest things online, like Cath Kidston Japanese masking tape. Click here to visit Bloomize.


Ayie said...

we are still preparing for a long travel, this can be good to read =)

Christy Amular said...

I love your travel list on Bloomize! :)

zakkalife said...

Thanks Christy :)

Jasmine said...

Nice list and such an interesting series! I'm one who brings my own towel. :-)

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