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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eyeglasses are The New Mustache

Have you noticed how the mustache trend is slowly fading away while the black rimmed eyeglass is just waiting to take its place? Soon there will be eyeglass everything: plushies with eyeglasses, plush eyeglasses for babies, eyeglass rings (draw your own face on finger to complete), hats with faux eyeglasses knit into them, eyeglass parties, eyeglass invitations, and most inevitably eyeglasses on a stick. So, to celebrate this eyeglass trend I thought I would make a stamp. My inspiration came from my sweater in the picture above. Below are brief instructions on how to make an eyeglass stamp.

I specifically created this image for the stamp. You're welcome to use it for personal use. Right click, copy, save, and print. Feel free to make the image any size you want. I made my stamp about 3 1/2" length.

Tracing paper
Linoleum Cutter
Speedy Stamp
Flat block of Wood - I like to use the left over wood blocks from kamaboko.
Strong glue

1. Trace template with tracing paper.
2. Transfer image from tracing paper onto speedy stamp.
3. Cut away all negative space with linoleum cutter.
4. Cover with ink and stamp to see what you need to touch up.
5. Once your stamp is how you like, stamp top of wood and glue stamp onto block of wood.
*Tip - Baby-wipes work great for cleaning stamps.

Simple card I made with the stamp.


Caca said...

wow, you are now into creating stamps! Bravo

zakkalife said...


I've been making stamps for some years now. I just don't write about it much. I'm one of those people that will try just about any craft I can get my hands on.

mimi said...

Hi I didn't know what to use for making stamps here in US. I used Doller shop eraser to make my stamps before it's came out good. thanks for the info.

Michelle L. said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous template. How are you always so cool? And thanks for letting me know about the changeover. Mustaches - so last week!

Alexander said...

Oh...! that is nice :)

Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

Unknown said...

This is great - thanks so much for sharing!

Unknown said...

As a person that wears glasses, I can totally support this new mustache. The sweater rocks!

Farrah Field said...

These are really cool. Wonder if I could make a stamp using former glasses? I think I'm going to definitely make a stencil from your template. Thanks for posting.

AshleyAnn said...

Thought you might like a onesie I made last January...


Unknown said...

Very cute stamp. I was thinking of my stamping craft box while looking for Christmas boxes this morning. This is a really cute one to make :)

Anonymous said...

what brand is your sweater by chance?? I've been looking for it! and the stamp is super cuute!

zakkalife said...

The sweater is from Forever 21. If they have any left, they would be on sale now.

hope you can find it

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