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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Deck The Dollhouse Halls

The other day I got the idea to decorate my daughter's dollhouse for the holidays. I thought it would be a fun project for both of us to do together. So far, we made a wreath for the doll house (there's also a tree in progress). I gave her the option of a sparkly wreath or a yarn wreath. Of course, she picked the sparkly wreath (she loves all things pink and sparkly). My inspiration came from the cover of the December Martha Stewart magazine (picture below). We used whatever we had around the house so it's not an exact replica but it's pretty close.

Silver pipe cleaner
Gold wire tinsel ribbon - a old pipe cleaner will work too
Pink, Gold, and Silver beads
Hot Glue Gun

Bend pipe cleaner into a circle and twist ends to secure.

Attach gold wire with one of the silver pipe cleaner ends.

Wrap gold tinsel ribbon all the way around the wreath ( I let my daughter do this part). Make sure some of the silver still shows. Secure end of gold tinsel ribbon with the remaining silver pipe cleaner end.

Hot glue the beads onto the wreath. Hang the wreath up with some of the extra pipe cleaner.


Jess said...

so sweet!

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Oh how sweet! Sure looks like a close match to the magazine cover wreath.To be a child again....maybe that's why I sew toys so as to remain a kid!

yumi said...

These would be great to use for homemade holiday cards!! Thanks for the idea!

zakkalife said...

Hopewell Creek Designs,

I completely understand, I think that's why I got the dollhouse in the first place. I say I got it for my daughter but really it's for me.

Ayie said...

you surely can give your daughter so much delight and I bet you love that dollhouse as much as your little girl does

Michelle L. said...

Oh, wow, what an amazing miniature! Those teensy beads look exactly like the ornaments. Today we must call you Mini-Martha! I hope you post some other teeny things from the Xmas dollhouse project.

Novi On The Go said...

It's so simple and very pretty! This idea has many possibilities, it could be a halo for an angel, or a christmas tree decoration.

Rosana Garcia Hess said...

Lovely!!! My matryoska tape just arrived....thanks!!!!

Caca said...

so fun

OmMama and KraftyKatina said...

This is so cute!

embir said...

very nice

N. said...

Sweet! We're in the process of decorating our dollhouse too!

MsChilePepper said...

I had a dollhouse when I was wee, too, and I was always more interested in making accessories and furniture for it and setting up scenes than in play-acting with the dolls.

I made elaborate Christmas decorations, including stockings for all the dolls (hung them from the side of the staircase), a Christmas tree, garlands, wreaths, and even a cotton batting snowman for the front "yard". Wish I'd taken photos. Ah, memories!

Virginia isabel said...

Gracias por el tutorial. Ha quedado una corona muy bonita.

Cassie said...

Aww! did you think about making a tree too? Green pipe cleaner would be great for that!

Cassie said...

Aww! Did you ever think about using jelly beans for Easter eggs in spring?

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