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Monday, December 13, 2010

Pretty Origami Paper

Furoshiki Print

I thought I was going to have a Christmas craft for you today but it just didn't work out as planned. The craft still needs a little more tweaking. So until then, I thought I would share this pretty origami paper I just picked up at Daiso. I've never seen these prints before and thought some of you might enjoy seeing them as well.

Kokeshi Dolls - I think this will be perfect for making a Girl's Day card

Mochi on a stick

Nigiri - also know as rice balls

P.S. Thank you to everyone who made a suggestion regarding the dollhouse tree skirt. Looks like I'll be making one.


Caca said...

I think these beautiful papers are great to cut out in triangle shape as Christmas tree.

Patricia said...

These are the kind of papers I would feel bad about using... they are fantastic!

carla said...

Nice graphics on the paper.

silentai. said...

ooh those are cute!


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