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Monday, February 28, 2011

Craft: Chalkboard Name Tags

Hooray, my craft idea actually worked out this time! So, it with great pride that I give you the chalkboard name tag tutorial, fun and eco-friendly. Now, I just need a good excuse to use them. Craft party anyone?

Chalkboard paint
Flat wood disks - can be found at craft stores - they also come in other fun shapes
Pin backs
Hot Glue Gun

1. Paint wood disks ( 4-5 coats). Let dry overnight.

2. Glue on pin backs. Done.


carla said...

How clever and versatile!

A sewing friend of mine made herself a quilted name tag. It's like a mini-album about her and probably helps people remember her better.

Yours and hers are much better than my scrawl across those "Hi, my name is ____" ones.

zakkalife said...


I bet it's a great conversation starter too. Does your friend sell quilts?

Anonymous said...

Lovely idea. I like that it is such a quick make and is definitely a little different.

I think this might be a good idea for our next women's retreat! In fact, I have 50 buttons (with pin backs attached) which advertise the King Tut exhibit. I wonder if chalkboard paint would work on that plasticy metal. I see I will have to do some experimenting.

zakkalife said...


The paint I used says it works on any surface so I'm sure it will work on the pins you have.

Amber M. said...

Perfect for Bunco nights...

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Completely agree with Carla!! These are sooo much nicer than those Hi My Name is. Wonderful project and great use for those wooden disks.

Caca said...

I didn't know there is something called 'chalkboard paint'. I always thought chalkboard comes in one piece board type. I will search for it in my area. Thanks.

pocketwonders said...

Neato! And these would be reusable for multiple events.

zakkalife said...


The chalkboard paint comes in all kinds of colors too. There's also a tutorial on how to make it yourself if you want to try. Here's the link:


Michelle L. said...

Love the idea to use them over and over. They are so cute! Also, I love tiny tutorials and yours was the tiniest ever!

carla said...

No, she doesn't sell them but she enters them in contests and custom designs them for her blessed family members. She's also an artist.

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