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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Craft: Cloud Card

You may remember a while back I was sharing about all the different brads you can now buy. I even created a post on how to make your own decorative brads. Well, I've been playing with the brads and trying to find new uses for them. In the process I discovered a way to make a closure for a card. This is more of a card technique than a craft so you can put your own spin on it. Have fun.

Card stock 11" x 4 1/2"
Twine - 7 " in length
Hole punch or exacto knife
Paper scoring tool - some paper cutters sell a scoring blade that you can use in replace of the cutting blade

Score paper where you see the black lines. The numbers refer to inches.

With the inside of the card facing up, fold the first set of scores in (refer to top picture). Now fold the second set of scores facing in (refer to picture). Unfold.

In the inside of the card punch a hole (refer to picture). Thread about one inch of twine in the inside. Tape down. now add the brad so the back side is with the twine. Add glue, fold down one inch flap to cover twine and back of brad.

Repeat on opposite side minus the twine.

The front of your card should look like the left picture. Use the twine to secure the card by wrapping it around the brads in a figure 8 shape. Decorate the inside any way you wish. Done.

That happy little cloud stamp came from a blog friend, Mushroom Meadows. She doesn't actually blog anymore but her site is still up if you want to see it. I'm not sure why she stopped blogging but I think it was because of work. Which leads me to this question, ever wonder what happens to people when they stop blogging? I always wonder what they're doing now? Do they miss blogging? Do they still lurk on other sites? It's all an enigma to me.


Caca said...

cute idea. Love the pictures, the brads, and the cloud stamp in baby blue color.

Paty said...

oh, it's so lovely...
and could be a invitation...to a kite party
brazilian hugs

allyn said...

oh my. that's adorable. i'm so glad i stumbled upon your blog recently. great crafts! looking forward to getting to know you via your blog!

Michelle L. said...

Love the bradded card design, and the little kawaii cloud is the cutest! Thanks for the link to your custom brad post, it's a great idea I will steal immediately!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Love your sweet cloud, and this technique leaves room for lots of fun applications. I have also wondered about people who stop blogging. I am a curious person, so I think I would still be looking.

Also, that post on DIY brads is super.

Deanna said...

Love this card.

I think about quitting blogging sometimes. I haven't been as into it lately and would rather do something else than edit pics and sit at the computer. But I'm not ready to completely give up yet. :)

Michelle said...

How adorable!

Unknown said...

cool cloud card! i like the idea of making my own customized brads too. will have to check out your tutorial....

yes, people who stop blogging... good question! i've wondered the same thing. i sometimes wonder if I will be one of these people one day. who knows...i think it happens a lot. blogging (as you know) is a huge time commitment. i think it doesn't fit into some people's lives much as they'd like it to. not everyone can be a blogger, i guess.

tamdoll said...

These cloud brads are adorable! Just the other day I noticed how blue the sky was and was thinking about some cloud on blue embroidery, I will have to turn off this computer and get to work now and do it. Thanks for reminding me of that with this cute post.

Claire said...

This is really cute

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