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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Craft: Shamrock Pin

Today I felt like making something to wear for St. Patrick's Day (March 17th). After all, I am one eighth Irish. This shamrock pin is nice and simple, not to fussy. It's also quick, easy and inexpensive to make. The kind of thing that's perfect to make for a large group.

*I know this is technically not a shamrock, it's a four leaf clover. I just like the way "shamrock pin" sounds rather than "four leaf clover pin".

Four leaf clover punch or Shamrock punch
Rhinestone brads - can be found at the craft store or you can make your own
Green paper in assorted shades and prints

1. Punch out one shamrock on a print paper.

2. Glue onto a different colored paper. Cut out leaving a small edge of the second paper showing.

3. Repeat step two so you have three layers.

4. Punch a whole in the center of the shamrock. Add decorative brad.

Place the brad prongs in a button hole and open to secure on the shirt. You could also fold the prongs over the collar of the shirt. Kind of like those metal badges you get at museums.


Caca said...

can men wear this as cufflink?

zakkalife said...


Good idea! I think that would work fine. I would just make sure to use a thick paper that will hold up well.

Unknown said...

(big) A-W-W-W-W!! That is so darling!

Ayie said...

Hi! I'm finally back to blogging!

That's a cute button plus I love the combination of patterns you used

carla said...

Nice pin, such a beautiful little girl.

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