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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Craft: Tea Tin Pails

To recycle or keep for a craft, that is the question. Actually, THAT'S always the question for me. This time it was a tea tin. I thought to myself, "you have lots of tea tins, you haven't done much with them, do you really need this? Do you need this?!!!". And at that moment the idea of a tea tin pail popped into my head. Craft idea to the rescue! Tea tin saved.

Tea tin - easy to find at thrift stores
Strip of leather - I used an old belt
2 Brads
Small Hole punch
Hammer and one nail

Here's the tea tin I started with. It doesn't matter what shape or size it is.

Punch a hole large enough for a brad to fit through it on both top sides of the tin.

To make a hole in the leather, hammer a nail into the leather and then remove nail. Repeat on opposite site. Attach leather handle with brads.

Here's what the brad will look like from the inside.



Jennifer said...

What a great idea, and so simple to do!

Caca said...

love the estern and western combination.

Ann said...

Its so hard to send anything for recycling when you're a crafter - I hate squashing a pretty tin but where to put them all! Love this idea and will be transforming the next gift tin with this idea - thank you for sharing!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

What a great idea. Love the leather straps. I have that same Twinings tea, I think I might have an empty orange Jasmine one as well.

Unknown said...

how simple and elegant Jessica!

Rebecca said...

Love it! I have that same argument with myself all the time, lol. :) Mind if I publish this on the Examiner? I do love a good upcycling. ;)

Joy said...

This project is just great! Thanks for sharing it!
Now I have an excuse to buy some of those awesome tea tins :)

Amber M. said...


Teresa (Smeared and Creased) said...

Terrific idea Jessica! Love it - pinning it to my Pinterest board now!!

Christy クリスティ said...

I love it! Such a romantic, elegant idea!

Ayie said...

those tin are always a keeper, nice recycling idea!

happy mother's day!!!

Yarni Gras! said...

terrific idea....love how sweet they look!

Lisa said...

I love the simplicity of this!! I'm definitely gonna try this one...I've got loads of tea tins. LOL. What an awesome gift! TFS!!

Violette said...

What a good "idée" (sorry, i'm french !)

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