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Friday, May 13, 2011

Odosketch: Fun Site for Sketching

Have you seen the site Odosketch? It's basically what you would guess from the name, a site where you can sketch images. What makes it a little different is that it creates an animation of all your strokes like the image above. The sketch board has a specific color pallet and brush selection which is really quite lovely. Below are a few pictures from the Odosketch gallery so you can see this tool's true capability.

Happy Day Sketching!


Anonymous said...

Why?????? Oh why did you show me this site???? I have so much grading to do, but no... I have to sketch furiously... Now it's midnight ...

RudeMermaid said...

I've been trying to stay far away from it and its addicting quality..
but everyone keeps posting and blogging about it!!
I feel so enabled.

VennyLim said...

How to paste our sketch image in our website?
I can't see the clipboard.

Thanks for sharing...

zakkalife said...


After you make your sketch there should be a button to click to get the HTML code for the animated version of your image. If you just want the image you'll have to do a screen print (hold down "Ctrl" "Alt" & ""Print Screen" at the same time to copy the image.

Hope this helps.

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