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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Octonauts Coloring Pages

The past couple weeks we've been trapped inside the house on account of rain and illness. This week the youngest is suffering from slap cheek. So to keep her entertained, I've been printing out these adorable coloring pages of The Octonauts. For those not familiar with The Octonauts, they're a series of children books written by Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy. Besides coloring pages, The Octonauts site also offers desktop wallpaper and other activity sheets. Check it out and tell me what you think.


Caca said...
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Complete Kitchens Colorado said...

Fun - hope you all are feeling better soon. When I saw the posting title in my Google Reader feed, I thought it said "The Octomom Coloring Pages". :)

zakkalife said...

Complete Kitchens Colorado,

Now THAT would be one interesting coloring book,The Ocotmom Coloring Book. Made me laugh.

Once, I found a Paris Hilton coloring book at the dolor store. I almost wish I purchased it. It would have made one awesome white elephant gift.

Octonauts Fan said...

What a nicely colored picture of Professor Inkling! My one is only 3, who's never been a big fan of colouring but the Octonauts coloring pages has really gotten him interested in it.
So they don't just learn about sea creatures, they get to love colouring too! :-)

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