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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tape + Hook = Tapehooks

You know I love tape, right? So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered these tape hooks via Down and Out Chic. The tape is created by the design team Torafu Architects. The tape hooks are made of paper so they can only hold light objects. Still, I think I could come up with plenty of uses for them. How about you? What would you use them for?


Maeve Rachel said...

These are fantastic! I think I'd use a bunch of them to make alternative kind of bows to put on presents =)

Aarti Badamikar said...

So coool! :)

JustHeather said...

Nifty! If you use them on the wall, will they hurt the wallpaper or paint? Or are they like the little quick tabs and what not you use for office supplies?

zakkalife said...


That's a good question which I do not have the answer to. I couldn't find out to much about them on the site. All I know is that they're made of paper.

RudeMermaid said...

These are so cool!
I think I'd use them to hang ribbon decoratively around my room/hot crafty mess.

senacia said...

i really like how the swiss army is hung up there.. :)

senacia said...

oh, so cute!

i would be hanging my keys up on the wall.. I'm always losing them!

they would be great for my paper cut outs too, just to hang on the windows!

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