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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sweet Ice Cream Gift Tags

Photo by Amy Moss

Amy of Eat Drink Chic is offering up some sweet ice cream gift tags to print out for free. Use them for gifts, entertaining or whatever else you can think of. They're perfect for summer!

Side note: I've been enjoying reading all your comments on the Kinder Joy post. Some of you were even kind enough to offer to send me some. Thank you, you guys are awesome! I will slowly be trying to respond back to the comments.


Panic said...

Ey!! thanks for sharing this!! I have had an idea!!

Caca said...


Maeve Rachel said...

Love these =)

Christy Amular said...

wow, so pretty!

bachman's sparrow said...

These are so sweet - perfect for a summer bash!

xoxo Maria

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