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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Craft: Friendship Bracelet Inspired Earrings

Photo credit (minus earrings) - Calvin Klein Ad

In case you're not tired of the whole friendship bracelet trend yet, and I'm hoping you're not, I've got one more craft tutorial for you. This time I decided to make some earrings based on the knotted patterns of the bracelets. If you've made a friendship bracelet before, you'll find these earrings very simple to make. Use this tutorial as a template and change up the colors, beads and length to make them your own.

2 earwires - I used a Leverback Earwires with a closed loop
5 14" strands of embroidery thread
2 Beads

Click on imaged for a larger view.

Left picture: Thread all 5 pieces of embroidery thread through the bottom loop of the earwires making the thread equal on both sides. Right picture: Thread one bead through all 10 strands of embroidery thread and bring to top.

Use this tutorial (click here) to make the friendship pattern. Once you get to your desired length, knot off thread in pairs of two (refer to picture). Trim and fray ends. Done.


Pallot said...

These are pretty fun. I can see adding small beads to the bottom where the knots are, too.

tamdoll said...

These are great! I'm going to forward this to my girls, they might want to make them, I know they like big earrings.

Vanessa said...

Love this idea and the way you put earrings on a Calvin Klein ad.

juliecache said...

We saw twisty narrow friendship bracelet earrings at the art museum in chicago. I'll have to put them on flickr so you can see. it was ridiculous to see the price.

zakkalife said...


If you find the link, please share it in the comments. I'm curious to see the earrings and I'm sure other readers will be too.

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