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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Craft: Mummy Lollipops

Today I'm crafting with one of my all time favorite supplies, Japanese masking tape. I realized the layering of the tape is perfect for emulating mummy wrapping. So after a little brainstorming, I decided to make some mummy lollipops. These are extremely easy to make, even kids can make them. The lollipops would be great to give out for Halloween treats or use for a party.

Japanese masking tape - light grey
Flat packaged lollipops
Googly eyes
Glue dots - I used Elmer's glue spots

1. Apply googly eyes with glue dots.

2. Start applying tape. I cut the tape in half for thinner strips.

3. Cover the entire front side of lollipop with tape. Slightly cover the googly eyes with tape for a more realistic effect. Make sure to press tape down well. You don't want your mummies unraveling.

4. Cut corners to make a rounded mummy shaped head. Make sure not to break the package seal when cutting around the corners.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What are you crafting for the holiday? Costumes?


Paula said...

What a great idea, simple in execution but very effective.

Joy said...

Super cute! You always come up with such great ideas, Jessica - I'm pretty sure, I've already said that :)

Unknown said...

Very cute! The kids will love these!

Deanna said...


I'm not too much into Halloween stuff. Nothing against it, just don't get overly excited about decorating with a bunch of skeletons and whatnot. I must say though I'm looking for a spot to put a pacman style black garland that I saw on Minieco. ;)

Lindsay Conner said...

So cute! I've shared this today at http://www.craftbuds.com/fall-treats-fresh-picks-for-sunday-10-16-11/

portugues said...


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