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Monday, November 14, 2011

Craft: Inkblot Ornaments

This inkblot ornament was inspired by an episode of Project Runway of all things. If you kept up with last season's show, then you're probably familiar with episode 7 that featured an inkblot dress. Now where I translated that into Christmas ornaments, I'm not too sure. But in some strange way I was able to make it work (sorry, couldn't resist slipping that in). Directions below.

White cotton fabric cut into 4" x 4" squares
White thread
Thick felt
Acrylic Paint
Wax Paper

(Click on images for a larger view)

1. Place paint in center of fabric and fold fabric. Spread paint out while the fabric is still folded by pressing on it. Unfold. Let dry on wax paper.

2. Once dry, cut around the edge leaving a 1/4" seam. If necessary, iron.

3. Sew on beads however you want. I played on the reflective qualities of the ink blots and had the beads mirror each other.

4. Sew on a thick piece of felt to the back of the ornament. This will cover up all the stitching from the beads and make the ornament more sturdier. While sewing the felt on, sew in a piece of ribbon to the top of the ornament. Last, trim felt to the shape of the cotton fabric. Done

Other ideas - make an inkblot Christmas tree with green paint and sew on round beads as ornaments. I also think adding some glitter to the paint would be a nice effect.


Lu said...

I am going to make some some christmas tree decorations useing the instrutions for change purse made from yogurt tops, that you made this summer. I will make them smaller, use assorted christmas material, put a loop to hang them and a small treat inside

Anonymous said...

Haha, perfect Christmas gift for a shrink :)

zakkalife said...


I like your idea of making the coin purses into Christmas ornaments.

I have a bunch of yogurt lids saved up to make more of the purses too. I just need to find some time to do it.

Tori said...

AH! I Love this idea... I also am OBSESSED with project runway and this is such a fantastic project based on that design element. <3

Caca said...

What a cute home diy ornaments.

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