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Monday, February 6, 2012

Rollerskating, Knitting, Macarons & ET

Sorry there's no craft today but instead I'm sharing a little bit about my weekend.

It started out great with a night of rollerskating with my children. I forgot how much I love rollerskating. As soon as I put on those skates, I was transported back to my childhood. And then I was transported right back to reality when I woke up the next day achy with a migraine.

Since I knew I needed to rest, I decided to do some knitting. It probably wasn't the best way to spend the day since I had a migraine but I really wanted to try out some patterns. You understand, right? I knit the tiny plane pictured above with the pattern from Anna Hrachovec's Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi book.

If you're still reading this, you're probably wondering what the macarons are all about? Over the weekend we also had a very belated birthday celebration for my husband and I (our birthdays are in December). Instead of a cake, I requested pistachio macarons for my birthday dessert. Auntie Susan made them, she's the one who makes all of those gorgeous cakes for my kids.

And to end the weekend, I watched E.T. The last time I saw that movie was in the theaters when it first came out. I couldn't remember anything so it was like watching it for the first time. I ended up balling my eyes out in the end. I'm not really a crier but once in awhile things will get to me.

How did you spend your weekend? Did you make anything? Watch the Super Bowl? Make something and watch Super Bowl? Please share.


Deanna said...

I spent the weekend getting back to 'normal'. We have 3 hours of basketball games Saturday mornings. Then I took oldest to a bday party. Our Saturdays are so full! rollerskating sounds wonderful...none of my kids know how yet (I don't have the most fearless bunch). I spent hours upon hours in roller skates as a kid. Sunday, we ate a bunch of junk food I bought mostly in the freezer section and watched the game. :) I have yet to taste a macaron but vow to one day! My bday is coming up and I'm making a giant cake I saw on Bakerella.

zakkalife said...

You are busy. And don't you have baseball too? Are season just started.

My kids don't know how to skate either which is probably why I hurt so much the next day. I was holding them up to skate, I got quite the arm workout.

Macarons are my favorite. You definitely need to try one. It seems like they're more popular these days and easy to come by. I even see them at Costco now.

What kind of cake are you making? If it's from Bakerella, I'm sure it will taste good and be pretty too.

Deanna said...

Yes, baseball is upon us! He's going to practices, but that doesn't involve me. First tourny is first weekend in March...it's sure to be quite chilly. Being a true southerner I'll take hot any day. I'm going to make the last cake she blogged about,excpet I'll use choc cake mix, my own buttercream, but def going to add teh mini choc chips to the frosting between the layers and going to pour ganache over the top just like she did...I can't wait!! It irks my hubby that I make my own cake, but I can't stand those grocery store ones and he's certainly not going to make one! lol
Oh and I meant to say that little airplane is just adorable! One day I swear I'm going to learn how to knit or crochet!

Deanna said...

yikes so many typos!
My computer is in an awkward spot for typing and we still haven't got our wireless fixed.

zakkalife said...


I'm the last person you need to apologize to for typos.

The cakes sounds delicious. I'm going to check out her site to get a visual now.

Lisa U said...

I want an Auntie Susan! Love the plane. I lazed around this past weekend. On Saturday, my fiancee and I went to Homegirl Cafe, a restaurant run by a nonprofit which hires and trains ex-cons to be upstanding members of society. Aside from the feel-good factor, the place was great! Yummy Mexican-fusion breakfast, baked goods, and unique juices. They were even selling cute lil planters of succulents so I grabbed one for my work desk. :)

zakkalife said...

Lisa U,

Homegirl cafe sounds like such a great place. You piqued my interest about it so I looked it up online. I'm bookmarking it for next time we're in LA. We have family there so we go about once a year.

Suzanne said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry the skating gave you a migraine. The knitting is adorable.

Daly @ ShadeSeed said...

This weekend will be a weekend in the real sense of that word. I'm not moving out of my bed!

Caca said...

I like the red aeroplane you knitted.

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