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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Last, Last Minute Valentine

It must be some kind of Valentine's Day miracle because I designed, finished and made all 33 valentine's for my son's class last night.  I had planned on making candy watches but to my surprise he didn't like the idea. Instead he suggested I make the candy talk.  And to add to the challenge, I still had a bag of lifesavers to incorporate into the  cards.  What to do; what to do? 

Here's what I came up with:

I got the idea of writing on the lifesaver wrappers from the watch valentine.  Once I started drawing faces on them, I realized the hole kind of looked like a mouth.  And if you ever decide to do this, make sure to use a fine point sharpie.  I learned the hard way that micron pens do not dry well on candy wrappers.  I taped the edges of the candy wrappers back so the lifesaver stayed in place.   Then I adhered the candy to the paper with glue dots.   Last, I taped the cards closed with washi tape.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Unknown said...

gosh that's cute Jessica!

Caca said...

this is so fun!

Michelle L. said...

Hahaheeheeha! Too funny, I love your shouting lifesavers! Nice last minute stroke of genius and speed-crafting marathon.

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