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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Printable Swiss Army Knife Father's Day Card

My dad seemed to always have some kind of Swiss army knife on him.  Some were key chains and some were pocket knives.  I can remember him using them on various occasions.  For example, any time a ribbon needed to be cut off a present, I could count on dad to pull out the mini scissors to get the job done.  I'm sure he used the Swiss army knife tools for other things but that memory in particular stands out to me.  So as you may have guessed,  that was the inspiration for this card. 

This card is quick and easy to make.  The paper saw and knife swivel out just like a Swiss army knife. 

One small metal brad
Glue dots
White card stock
Hole punch

1.  Click on template twice.  Right click, copy, paste and print on white card stock.  Cut out templates.

2.  Stack saw and knife on top of the back piece.  Punch a hole through all three templates.  Add brad (refer to picture).

3.  Add glue dots where you see the red dots.  Make sure none of the glue dots will get in the away of the knife and saw swiveling out.  Place front template on top.

Your card should look something like the picture above.  Adjust the knife and saw so they stick out a little so they're easy to pull out.

This is what the back of the card will look like.

Sign the card and you're all set. 

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