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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Costumes and Candy Land

Today I'm letting out a giant sigh of relief (or maybe exhaustion) because all the Halloween costumes are made and all my "big" projects are finished. Woo-hoo!

Last week was the end stretch of the craziness and one of my last projects was putting together this Frodo costume.  Here's a little break down of how I made/assembled this costume.

Pants - $3 at the thrift store - hemmed them to make them hobbit length

Vest - $2 thrift store find

Cloak - $10 of fabric to sew the cloak.  This could have been cheaper if I used felt but instead I went with a faux suede fabric.  I used this tutorial to sew the cloak, click here.

White shirt - free via our closet

Ring - free - part of the the LOTR Risk Game

Pin for Cloak - free - I used a lizard pin I had.  I know it's not the elvish leaf pin but it looked like something you would find in Middle-earth. 

Last week I mentioned that I was prepping  a giant Candy Land game for our school carnival.  I decided to dress up as gingerbread woman to go with the Candy Land theme.   I found the idea for this costume via Living Lucurto.  Details for making the costume can be found on the Chocolate Cake Moments blog.

Sadly, this is the only picture I have of the Candy Land game.  I was so busy getting everything ready that I neglected to take a picture. You can see a little bit of the chalk game board in the background along with the giant lollipops. 

Okay, that's all I've got.  How about you? What are you doing for Halloween?  Did you make your costume?  Please share.


Unknown said...

Great job on the Frodo and Gingerbread Lady costumes, you both look great!

This year we made a very simple "Minecraft Steve" costume for The Boy. It's basically a painted cardboard box for the head plus a cardboard sword. Super-easy (and free) which is nice for a change. :)

Deanna said...

He looks great! My 8 year old is Frodo too. Except I totally bought the costume on Amazon including the light up Sting. My oldest daughter is Arwen and oldest son is Meri....that one I had to piece together like you did. Bought cheapo pants on Amazon that I chopped off and a found a cheapo yellow vest (meant for formal type wear).

zakkalife said...


You should post a picture on your blog. I know you haven't posted anything in a while but it would be nice to see.

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