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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Girl's Day!

Happy Girl's Day!  Okay, you caught me.  I'm a day late but I still wanted to get a mini post in.  This year we went to the Japanese market just before Girl's Day which meant there were a lot of special treats just for the occasion.  After drooling over all the food and pretty packaging, I settled on this bag of chocolates. 

Inside the bag were these cute little Japanese emperors and empresses candies.  They're almost too cute to eat. 

If you're wondering what Girl's Day is all about, I've written a post here.


Alvina said...

Where can you buy those candies???

zakkalife said...


I got the candy at the San Jose Mitsuwa Market. They also had the same candies in Hello Kitty, bunny, and panda wrappers.

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