Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kool-aid Dyed Yarn

Here's a picture from "Adventures of a Lady in Training". She dyed the yarn above with kool-aid. Who would have thought you could get such lovely colors from Kool-aid? Thought I would share.


NiRosha K said...

Whoaaaaaaaaaa nelly! I don't even use yarn..but that's an amazing dye job! Talk about neat and thrifty! I'll file that away under "things to try later in life once I finish the other stuff on my list that's too long"! lol

Ku said...

AH HA! I knew I'd seen your site before... I learned to make candy cane cozies from you! Thank you very much for all the wonderful ideas! どうもありがとう!

alex said...

Yes! I am with you Jessica.
Nice gradient of colours!

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