Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Part II: Ribbon Rosettes

Make these hair clips with velvet rosettes and crystal beads. After you make the rosette from the tutorial here, don't cut the thread. Instead pull the thread up through the top of the ribbon, then string on a bead. Next, bring the needle down through the ribbon. With the same thread sew the rosette onto the bobby pin tightly. I made about 4 loops around the bobby pin before knotting it. Last dab a little glue onto the pin and thread so the rosette does not slide down the hair clip. Done.

* Come back tomorrow for another rosette project.


Marcia said...

These are such great little projects. I really like the earrings. I've seen rosettes done with ric rac at Martha Stewarts page. You run a stitch through the the top bump as you hold the ric rac.

M.KATE said... friend is one talented and wonderful person! I want to do that ribbon rosette with my daughters this weekend and a million thanks to you, for sharing this. Would be great for the girls to do something together. Hugs and happy weekend :)

Suzanne said...

Very, very cute Jessica, I feel like I haven't blog talked with you in ages. Love these little rosette creations though.

MetropolisMom said...

I love the ribbon! You are very talented. I love your pages, gives me more cute ideas on crafting. Cheers!

kawaii crafter said...

thanks everyone, I always appreciate your comments

Oiyi said...

These are adorable. I can't wait to make these when Melody has hair. :-)

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