Saturday, August 29, 2009

Book Review: Home, Paper, Scissors

Recently I received a gratis copy of "home, paper, scissors" to review. When I saw the cover of the book, I knew I would like it simply for the cover project alone, a paper bowl (which is now on my craft to-do list). Like most of Patricia's artwork, she takes the humble medium of paper and turns it into something fresh, contemporary and sophisticated. For those not familiar with Patricia Zapata, she's the author of the popular blog A little Hut where she generously shares her paper crafts. And just like her blog, you will find the same distinct craft style in her book.

In "home, paper, scissors" you'll learn about the basics of paper craft which encompasses supplies, tools, and techniques. Along with the basics she shares 33 craft projects under the categories of decorating, entertaining, and gifting. Here's a sample of the projects, Fluttering mobile, Arizona Lamp, Mod Wall clock, Magazine bowl, and Fan wine charms just to name a few. Many of the projects come with patterns and appear to be easy to execute. Below are a couple pictures of my favorites.

Mosaic place Mats

Flower Favor Box - Pefect for a wedding, no?


Kitti said...

Wow that looks like a really cool book that I would totally just drool over all day <3
How do you get into book reviewing? Do you just have to know people or...? I'd love to do that.
Love your site <3

Ayie said...

so more paper craft projects from you? =)

kawaii crafter said...


Often I'm contacted by the Publishing companies and asked if I'm interested in reviewing a book. And I should add, I only review books that I know I will like. Usually I'm already familiar with the author and admire their work.

If you're interested in getting into reviews there's a lot of sites out there that specialize in setting you up with free merchandise to review. For example,

hope this helps


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