Monday, September 7, 2009

The Alameda Point Antiques and Collectible Faire

Over the weekend I got a chance to attend the Alameda Antiques and Collectible Faire (aka The Alameda Flea Market). Located at the former Alameda Point Naval Air Station, it over looks San Francisco. There's roughly 800 vendors there. So, if you're on the hunt for a specific collectible, this is a good place to start.

The Alameda Antiques and Collectible Faire

I thought these little cardboard face discs were cute and would be fun to incorporate into a craft project. I'm always on the look out for unique items for crafting which is one of many reasons why I enjoy flea markets. I also find antiquing great for inspiration, it really gets the creative juices flowing.

Antique printing blocks

This vendor had a lot of fun items such as watch components, vintage typewriter keys, old keys, bottle caps, etc.

As I was focused on the antiques, my husband was focused on the food. We stopped by the Feel Good Bakery booth . My husband decided to try the bread pudding. The employee working at the booth was kind and gave it to us for free. It was a random act of kindness that was much appreciated.

Photo from Paris Parfait

At the market I was on the hunt for vintage seltzer water bottles in aqua. I found only two and they were a little pricey so I passed on purchasing them. Perhaps next time I'll have better luck.

What do you like to search for at the flea market?


Ashlee said...

How fun! I love vintage seltzer bottles. I have one that is pale blue. Love those that you found.

Amber M. said...

Those vintage letterpress letters are to DIE for! I have a few little ones that I've managed to find at antique stores, but I've never found one that big. What a fun way to spend the weekend!

Ayie said...

my husband used to live there in alameda =)

i love browsing in flea markets too, like you i try to look for craft items or anything than I can transform into crafts later on =)

Danna said...

When I was in high school I used to go to the flea markets every Saturday with my parents. At that time in my life I bought vintage clothing, hats and jewelry. I also used to have a large vintage handbag collection.

I don't go very often anymore, but when I do I look for "Bauer" pottery, the garden planters and only in jade green or light blue.

I think I'll post a picture of my tiny "Bauer" collection tomorrow. Thanks!!


Novi On The Go said...

I like to look for pictures of any kind. I found some fruit crate labels a few years back. This year I got some magazine ads from the 1930's. I just like the graphic quality of the pictures, a lot of thought went into the design. Alameda Faire sounds like a fun event.

Nyki said...

I live over in Dublin and I totally didn't even hear about this! I would love to have gone!

kat said...

Love it, always head out to the SoCal markets, long beach is my favorite. But may need to take a trip up north. thx.

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