Sunday, September 6, 2009

Book Review: Bend The Rules With Fabric

I just received Amy Karol's new book, "Bend The Rules With Fabric". She also wrote "Bend The Rules Sewing" and is the author of the popular blog, Angry Chicken. Noticing a theme here? The past three books I've reviewed have also been authored by popular craft blog publishers. How nice to see all these craft books emerging from the craft blog community, right? Now, about the book...

Bend The Rules With Fabric features 25 projects (16 sewing/ 9 non sewing). But what really makes each project unique is the fabric techniques paired with them. The techniques taught in the book include, paint with fabric, technology with fabric, dyeing fabric, and fiber on fabric (18 methods total). Which means each project can be personalized using the fabric methods. What I personally like about all the fabric techniques is that one can get a lot more out of their fabrics and supplies. The techniques help you to be resourceful and creative at the same time. To get a better idea of the projects/fabric techniques, check out the pictures below.

Whole-Cloth Quilt
Fabric Technique: Painting With Dye

Drawn Bookcover
Fabric Technique: Drawing with Thread

Dotted Shoes
Fabric Technique: Drawing with Paint


Novi On The Go said...

This looks like an interesting book with great projects! I'm curious about the painting with dye project, I've been wanting to paint on fabric.

It's great to see books emerging from craft blog community. Your projects are pictured and written so well Jessica, would you write a book too?

anamika said...
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rachel said...

i just received my copy of this book, too. i find it to be very inspiring, because the projects are really accessible. there are also so many techniques that i haven't tried out yet, such as PhotoEZ - it makes me want to create!

Ayie said...

So much things to know, this book seems to be so interesting. The painting with dye is soemthing that caught my attention.

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