Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Trash To Treasure: Part II

Use your wrapping paper rolls for storing, kid's artwork, posters, and small scraps of wrapping paper. Instead of recycling your wrapping paper rolls, turn them into storage containers. Here's the how to:

Empty wrapping paper roll
Hot glue
One rubber band
Small piece of decorative paper or fabric

At one end of the roll, make cuts about a 1/2 inch in length about an inch apart. Refer to picture.

Fold the sections in which will overlap each other.

Hot glue the sections together. This will be the bottom of the canister.

Place items in the canister.

For the top of the canister, make it the same as you did for the bottom minus the hot glue. Instead, place a piece of paper over the top and secure with a rubber band. The decorative paper holds the folded sections down to keep your items secure inside.


*~kAy~* said...

I love this idea!
I was travelling with a picture my bf had drew for me and it was very hard trying to carry it by hand :(
This would have helped lots!

Anonymous said...

So very clever. Thank you for sharing this. I definitely have a few of these around.

Kim said...

I love this idea! Awesome!!

Alexander said...

I like the idea of reusing your trash. It took be sometime for me to figure out how to use your concept. I've got a few questions. What type of wrapping paper roll, and where can I get them? Cos I normally get wrapping paper in sheets form. Sorry to bother you about this. Cheers!

Happy New Year!

Alex's World! -

Mag said...

this is such a good idea

Ayie said...

this is perfect, I've been thinking of other craft projects I can do for large vellum drafting paper spools. I was thinking of making then as canisters but can't figure out how to beautify it.

Ayie said...

happy new year to you and your family!!

Apple said...

I like the idea of using the paper towel roll as a canister! I love to recycle anything I can...thanks for sharing!! :)

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