Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Blog Resolutions

Today I thought I would be sharing about my last craft of 2009. Unfortunately my camera had a different plan and completely died on me today (RIP my little HP R507). And strangely enough, I had already planned on buying a new camera (Nikon d3000). It's as if my trusty little camera knew I was trading it in. So today I thought I would share some New Year's Blog Resolutions instead.

A Prettier Blog - For some reason I feel the blog just isn't pretty. And I envy all you pretty looking blogs out there, oh how I do. I want a shiny new banner and buttons. Something that still says "Zakka Life" but prettier. As for the posts, I want the pictures to radiate lovely. I realize that might sound strange or silly but I just want everything to look better.

I plan on responding to more comments and blog related emails. For me personally, it's really hard to keep up. Currently I have 2000 emails in my box that need attending to (none are spam). I wish I could answer every single one but I just can't. So from now on I will respond to comments in the comments section.

Along with that, there's something you should know. Every comment that is left on this blog I read. I appreciate every one (unless it's a really nasty one, I delete those). Also, when there is a link with the comment, I always visit the site. I'm just bad about commenting. I'm a lurker, I confess.

What do you want? I realized after blogging for three years, I've never asked any of you what you would like to see. Are there any certain crafts you would like to see more of? Do you want me to write/share more about myself? Would you like to see other sites featured, more round ups perhaps? If you feel lead, please leave an answer in the comments. Thank You.

Wishing all of you the best for 2010,



Helen said...

my SD card in my camera died on Boxing Day morning, with the loss of all of my christmas photos. However my geek boyfriend was certain he could do something (I was sceptical- after all my dad couldn't do anything, so surely all was lost- but he successfully recovered all but about three of my pics. Which I am *overjoyed* about- I'd even been considering paying for data recovery. He posts about how to do recover data from a corrupted card here, although the instructions are for a linux user, dunno if you fall into that camp but perhaps you know someone who is.

Of course if it is just your camera and not the card that has died you are probably okay! But I thought I'd share the love as I know how anguished I was at the thought of losing all those lovely piccies.

As to what I would like from the blog- more *short but sweet* projects. I'm dreadful for thinking "I'll do that when I have more time" so if something is abundantly obviously a quick project, I might be more keen!

kawaii crafter said...


Thanks for sharing about your camera problems/solutions. I'll definitely check out the link. And I truly appreciate the advice.

As for my camera, is has a couple of issues going on. One, the battery no longer charges. But worse than that, I dropped it back in October and I think it's permanently damaged. Often photos won't even load up.

I'm with you on the short and sweet projects. Those are my favorite too. If I'm working on a project that takes too long to make, more than often I begin to lose interest.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts :)


Mag said...

i think your blog is very cute and simple...

maybe more japanese crafts....??!!

Kristin said...

I'm a big fan, I think you have great content and ideas and I really appreciate the inspiration.

Deanna said...

I personally like your blog just the way it is. One of the few I truly read regularly. :)

And I really appreciate that you have visited my blog and leave a comment from time to time. :)

Katria said...

I absolutely adore your blog. Also, the fact that you are a lurker, it is OK, because I am also a lurker (I read all of your updates, but how often do I comment? Rarely. :p)

...More Japanese crafts would be awesome, but mostly I just enjoy your posts!

Sunny Tuesday said...

I couldn't tell you what I want to see - I think you're better at knowing what to share! I'm a lurker, too. Sometimes I can't think of anything good to say other than what's already been said and I don't want to be redundant! Happy 2010!

Anonymous said...

I can totally understand you wanting your blog to look prettier. But frankly, yours is one of the few blogs that can stand on its own content without all the glitter and glam. I love me some eye candy, but in the end it's the content that makes the difference. Your ideas are always so clever and original. Basically, I think your the cat's meow. :) Good luck with your new camera!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Please continue with your work.

Have a good new year.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see more and more japanese crafts (kneeting,cooking sewing,origami...)I'm french 72 years)Y.S

Nicki said...

I've just recently found your blog... and I have to say I've found everything you posted to be interesting. I love the variety and in some cases the simplicity. Keep doing what you are doing.

kawaii crafter said...

Okay, so far it looks like the requests are "sweet and simple" and more Japanese Crafts. I can do that!

Thanks for all your comments.


I got my new camera last night. Hopefully I'll find some time today to read the manual and start using it.

Hänni said...

I think your blog is adorable as-is, but I do appreciate a good makeover every once in a while, so pretty up!

How cool to invite audience participation about your blog. Honestly, I kind of love it just the way it is. Simple, sweet crafts. I especially like when you do holiday-themed type stuff like the mother's day teacup card and your cute christmas ornaments.

Threeundertwo said...

I love your blog, and I'll agree with the "short and sweet" requests.

Your resolutions could be mine as well. I think it's good to change a blog's look every once in a while. I'm contemplating my next change too.
Happy New Year!

Ayie said...

Hi Jessica!

You have so much readers and it's no surprise that you get to receive that mcuh comments and emails. Just take it easy, it's hard to keep up seriously.

I am happy with all the stuffs you are sharing here so just keep going and if I think of something else then I will also suggest or ask you for a specific project.

Thanks for sharing all your great crafts!

M.Kate said...

Happy New Year :) May 2010 brings you lots of happiness, joy and good health, hugs............M

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