Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are You Ready For Hinamatsuri?

Music video about Girl's Day. There's a giant doll display in the background.

For some reason the Japanese holiday Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day, March 3rd) always sneaks up on me. But this year I'm ready, I already put up the doll display! I know it's bad luck if you have the display up past the holiday but is there anything wrong with putting it up early? Lets say early February?

If you want to celebrate the holiday as well, here are few links to get you started.


Sara&Eva said...

I love all this japanese stuff, thank you!

Akemi said...

when did you get a doll set? i would like to see it sometime! =o) i am planning to read a book about hinamatsuri to my students and take some pictures of the doll set at mom and dad's place to show them. =o)

kawaii crafter said...


We have the one doll that Mom, Aunty Susan, and Grandma gave Morgan for her first Girl's Day. I also have the emperor and empress wood dolls I made. They kind of look like those bride and groom dolls I made for you. We don't have a whole set. But I'm considering buying the Rement set (mini version). :)

Loralynn said...

How cute! I love the idea of a celebration like this! I will have to incorporate it into our activities! Thanks!

Ayie said...

Love this stuff!

juliecache said...

Our state historical museum currently has a japanese doll display, but i don't know that it's there for boys and girls day.

A friend is giving away _my_ vintage Hina dolls at barterbus.blogspot.com

you can see the picture at her blog and read her story about why she's giving it away. It is a very cool set.

Sarah said...

I think I was smiling throughout that WHOLE video - it cracked me up!! I love how they dance and just their facial expressions - awesome. I wish I understood what they were saying.

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