Monday, May 24, 2010

Craft Project: Sushi Erasers

You know those cute little Japanese food erasers? Well now there are kits you can buy to make them. I purchased a set from JBox when I ordered the paperclay. I figured if I was going to be spending a lot on shipping, I might as well buy a few things to make it worth while. The eraser kits were something I had never seen before so I decided to test them out. Below I share how I made the erasers.

Here's the eraser kit I used. There's all different kinds of sets such as doughnuts, fast-food and cakes.

Here's what the eraser clay and molds look like. What's the nice about the molds is that they can be used for other things such as paperclay.

Knead the eraser clay and place it in the molds. Open it back up and clean the edges of any excess clay.

Take erasers out of mold. Microwave them in water for about five minutes (kit comes with a special box for that). Transfer to cool water. Once cooled off, pat dry.

Assemble your erasers for the perfect dish of sushi.

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Anonymous said...

How do the erasers work? They look amazing, but are they usefull?

Thanks for sharing your work.


kawaii crafter said...


They work just as well as child erasers you would buy at the store. I did find they're a little softer than regular erasers making them a little more fragile.

Lavender Playground said...

They are so cute! I've always admired the different shapes Japanese erasers come in.

Stephanie said...

I didn't even know they have kits like this...I want one now!

Patricia said...

Yes! I say the same as Stephanie... wow! I´d love to get my hands on these!!! Awesome thanks for sharing!

Nidana said...

I have had a look on the JBox page and everything was so temting! Due to low taxes here in Norway it will cost the double for almost nothing.

Here is an another cute site:

I am drooling all over this site!

Sachiko said...

Oh, my gosh! This is so fun and cute!! My kids will love this.

By the way, I love your blog, you alway have fun and interesting things to look at. Thank you for sharing!

ILikePaperCuttin said...

I went to Hong Kong recently and saw DIY Hello Kitty eraser too. They are too cute.

savvy stitch said...

I love these!!! I would have enjoyed making them as a kid, too.

Violet LeBeaux said...

Oh I've made these! They are so fun :D

Anonymous said...

Do you know whats the ingredients for the molds/clay ?

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