Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweater Quest: my year of knitting dangerously

Sweater Quest by Adrienne Martini

I recently was sent a copy of the new book Sweater Quest by Adrienne Martini. In the book Adrienne Martini tells a story of her journey knitting Alice Starmore's Mary Tudor sweater. What makes this a challenge is that one: the patterns are very complicated, two: the book with the pattern is out of print, and three-the yarn for the sweater has been discontinued. The book reads like a Julie and Julia for knitters.

I'm currently about half way through the book. So far it's had me laughing most of the way. As a knitter, I find myself nodding yes a lot and relating to Adreinne's knitting experiences. There's a part where she talks about how one of her knitting needles goes missing and she finds that her daughter was using it to make holes in the backyard! Oh, how I've been there. But even if you're not a knitter I think there's a lot about this book that one can relate to. It's about setting a goal and meeting the challenges that come along with it. Plus, Adreinne does an excellent job of inserting knitting jargon and culture into the book without making it read like a knitting manual.

So, I bet you're wondering what this Mary Tudor sweater looks like anyway, here's a picture.

photo via martinimade (Adrienne's blog)


Genie Robinson said...

I have been an OCD knitter for years, but this sweater is mind boggling. Can’t wait to order the book...sounds like a GREAT read. Hugs, Genie

Odalis said...

Hola, estoy de visita en tu blog, me han encantado todas las cosas lindas que tienes.

Saludos desde Dominicana.

Que el Señor te sonría :-)

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