Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Minimalist Hina-Ningyo (Girl's Day Dolls)

Anyone celebrating Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day, March 3rd) ? Well if you are, there's still time to do a little decorating for the holiday. I found this minimalist set of Hina-Ningyo on BCOME that you can print for free. The blue doll represents the emperor and the red doll represents the empress. If you decide to make the dolls, you'll have to sign up with cut-sheet first to access the printable. Once you get to BCOME, you should see the link in the post.

Just remember to take your dolls down right after March 3rd or legend states that your daughters will not marry late.

Want to learn more about Hinamatsuri? Here's a post that tells a little more about it.


Michelle L. said...

Those are really weird and cool! Is it girls day again ALREADY? Where did this year go?

Lisa U said...

Love it! I remember making origami hina ningyo sets. This will be my hinaningyo set this year. ;)

sute said...

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