Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Printable Mini Paris City

I bookmarked this paper project by Made by Joel for a rainy day. Turns out that rainy day turned out to be a sick day for me. I needed something besides TV to keep the kids occupied so I printed out the mini Paris city. My daughter spent an entire hour meticulously coloring the people and buildings. I even let her use my good Pantone markers.

Click here, for the free printable by Made by Joel.

While my daughter was coloring the Arc de Triomphe I overheard her say, " I think it's a toy shop....(long pause).....yep, it's a toy shop." I told her what it really was but I'm not so sure she was convinced.


Joy said...

I hope your are feeling better! Boo to being sick!

Love the city that your daughter made... and The Made By Joel site = full of awesomeness.

Suzanne said...

Hope you get better soon. I just passed along this to my sister who I think will love it for her girls.

Interior design Perth said...

It's so cute! Your daughter is really funny too. Great job on the both of you.

carla said...

Appreciate the link to the printables.

Really nice work with the coloring. Makes them very individualistic.

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