Thursday, February 23, 2012

Souffle Pens

Last week I was online searching for micron pens when I stumbled upon something very interesting, souffle pens. Have you heard of them before? They claim to have 3-D ink that leaves a raised line when dry. With that claim, I had to test them out. It was practically a craft call of duty.

I tracked down a set at Paper Source because apparently waiting for two day shipping is like eternity for me. As soon as I got home, I had those markers out and was doodling on everything, paper, pennies, plastic caps.

Left: ink in process of drying, Right: ink is fully dry

So I'm sure you're wondering if they really work? They do create a raised surface. It looks kind of like acrylic paint. It's not as raised as using embossing powder. To get the raised effect, the pens must be used on a non-porous surface. They also show up great on dark paper. The one drawback is the ink gets used up quickly. I've already gone through one third of the white ink. That said, I see these pens good for accents to artwork such as cards.

I'm still testing the souffle pens out and trying find unique uses for them. If you have any ideas for me, I would love to hear.


girl said...

I have these! they're great, but even in my brand new pack, a few were duds... most have stopped working over time, even with plenty of ink left. Tried all the usual fixes, and even keep all the wax caps on the tips, but no luck.
I wish one could buy colors separately to replace them, they're kind of pricey.

Suzanne said...

I like learning about new art supplies from you. :-) Thanks!

Zakka Life said...


Thanks for sharing about your experience with the pens. I really hope mine don't dry out *fingers crossed*. And you're right, they are a little pricey. I forgot to mention that.

Oiyi said...

Oh these pens look great!

LimeRiot said...

Every time I drop by your site I find something fabulous that I need to try (purchase) :). I appreciate it but I'm not so sure my bank account does.

I'll be shopping for some of these pens today. Thanks for the tip!

Tracey said...

We sell these in the craft store where I used to work. The slower you write with them, the more raised your finished effect will be. (Unfortunately, that does end up making the ink run out quicker, since you're using more.)

If you want a great opaque white pen, the Uniball Signo white pen is the best one around. It doesn't give you the raised effect, but it is much more opaque and will last longer.

Jelly Roll Glaze pens from the same brand will also give you a raised effect, but in brighter, bolder colors and a bit of a glossier finish.

Ayie said...

I think it's nice to use for very special craft project

Serenie said...

I haven't heard of these before, but I want some now! I'm gonna have to go out and look for some.

Anonymous said...

I have these and Jelly Roll Glaze pens, which are made by the same company. I think the Glaze pens leave more of a raised affect than the Souffles. The slower you write/draw, the most raised the ink becomes. The Glaze pens are great. Try them, I like them even more than the Souffles.

Zakka Life said...

Tracey & Anonymous,

Thanks for sharing about the Jelly Roll Glaze pens. Next time I'm at the art store, I will definitely check them out.

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