Friday, May 4, 2012

Carp Kite Drawing Song for Boy's Day

Learn how to draw a carp kite with this cute Ekaki Uta (Drawing Song).  It's another easy but fun way to celebrate the Japanese holiday Boy's Day (May 5th).  Don't worry that it's not in English, you or your children will still be able to follow the directions.  My children really like these videos.  In fact, when I was composing this post, I found my son behind me hoping I was going to play the video.  Along with the carp kite, there are lots of other drawing song videos to choose from.  The ninja is our personal favorite.  What's yours?

2 comments: said...

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LimeRiot said...

What a sweet little video!

I took 4 years of Japanese (100 years ago) and children's are a great refresher. The use of Hiragana is fun because I can actually read it!

Thanks for sharing.

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