Sunday, September 23, 2012

JELL-O Jack O' Lanterns

Just for fun I decided to whip up some pint size JELL-O jack o lanterns. It's hard to tell from the photo but this mini jack o' lantern is filled with jello.  What keeps the jello from spilling out is making it into a thicker texture.  It may look complicated but these mini jack o' lanterns are easy to make.  Directions below.

JELL-O Jack O' Lantern Recipe
Makes about 15 jack o' lanterns


2 3oz boxes of Lemon JELL-O
2 Cups Water
15 Clementines
Candied Ginger or Chocolate chips

1.  Slice top of clementine off.

2.  Run tip of spoon between edge of rind and fruit.  Slowly pry the fruit out while keeping the rind in tact.  This is surprisingly easy to do and took me about 30 seconds per clementine.  Save the fruit for a snack or serve with jack o' lanterns.

3.  If you have a hole at the bottom of your rind, you will need to plug it with a piece of candied ginger or chocolate chip point size down.  Make sure it will not float to the top when you pour your jello into the rind.

  4.  Boil 2 cups of water.  Add both packets of jello.  Mix till dissolved. 

Before pouring your jello, I recommend placing all the rind cups in a muffin tin with the top beside each cup (pictured above).  This way all your tops will match up.

5.  Pour jello to the top of clementine cup.  Place in fridge.  Let jello set up.  It took about three hours for the jello to set up.

6.  Carve out a face with a pairing knife.  Place top back on.

I discovered if you place a flashlight behind the clementine they light up just like a jack o' lantern.  This might be a fun way to serve or display the jello. 


Emelie Sandström said...

What a wonderful idea! Must try these as soon as the citrus season kicks in over here. :)
Thanks of sharing!


Suzanne said...

Cute! The mini cake plate is ingenious.

Unknown said...


There's a tutorial for the mini cake stands here if you're interested. I just placed a cupcake liner over the top of it.

LimeRiot said...

What a super adorable idea!! I love this sweet jack-o :). It would sure be fun to eat too.

Unknown said...


And the clementines keep the jello portion under control!

Michelle L. said...

Too funny and cool - what a brilliant idea! My nevvies LOVE clementines and Halloween - win-win!

Unknown said...

that is such a clever idea, Jessica! I like the addition of the flashlight too. :)

Joy said...

Sooo cute! I'll have to try this with my guys :)

Unknown said...

These look brilliant!
Well played!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Cute! I'm doing 31 days of Halloween on my blog next month and I'd love to share some of your ideas. Is this ok?

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