Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Play with Your Soap

 Photo Credit: Lush

A couple weeks ago I was at our mall checking out the new Lush store.  I wanted to check out the shower jellies  but came across something much more interesting, FUN soap.  It's soap with the consistency of playdough and you can actually make stuff with it.  Once you're done creating, you can use it to wash up.  It can be used as soap, bubble bath and even shampoo.  
 Photo Credit: Lush

Originally, I purchased a roll of the soap as a gift.  But as it sat in my room, I began to get more and more curious about it.  I started to justify why I should open it:
1.  I can always buy another tube to replace the gift, right?
2.  It's practical, it's soap, we would use it everyday.

3.  My daughter is about to run out of shampoo, why not use this one.
4.  I could write a post about it.  Craft research?

And before I knew it, my daughter and I were creating hearts and other fun things with the soap.  I also had her use it as shampoo.  It seems to work well.  I discovered you only need a piece the size of a marble or less to wash your hair.  I only let her take about that much into the shower otherwise it will all disintegrate in the shower. We purchased the cotton candy scent and the fragrance is very strong. 

Anyhow, I thought this would make a fun gift for Christmas so I'm sharing.  Hey, that's another good reason for me opening up the soap, to help you with your holiday shopping *wink*.


Deanna said...

Oohh good clean fun! ;)

Joy said...

That sounds like super fun! Your reasons for opening the soap is totally justified :)

Caca said...

this is something unique. The bathroom will become craftroom for kids.

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