Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY Card Keepsake

I'm one of those people who have trouble getting rid of cards.  I swear I'm not a pack rat, just sentimental.  I feel like if someone took the time to write something thoughtful in a card or make the card, it's worth saving.  The obvious downside to this is keeping all the cards nice and orderly.  Currently I have them stashed away in a hope chest along with a couple other places.  But soon they will all be neatly organized thanks to a simple card keepsake tutorial I found on Kayla Danelle's blog.  I've already started organizing the cards.  Pictured above are some birthday cards I put together.

As suggested by Kayla, I decorated some chip board for the cover of the cards. I tried to keep the cover relatively simple. I made a little origami cupcake to decorate the front.  I purchased the metal rings at Staples.  I couldn't find them at any of the craft stores.

Here's a cover I made for all the cards my husband gives me.  For the cover I used some paper from the wagashi packaging.  The tan paper is mulberry paper and the gold loop/knot is made out of mizuihiki cord.  As you can guess, that's a wedding picture of my husband and I.


Anonymous said...

I did something like that with all my sons birthday cards, and he absolutely loves flipping through his 'card book' and looking at them all again.

Michele Pacey said...

that's so pretty (and very organized of you too! ) :)

Caca said...

good way to keep card in different sizes organised.

Anonymous said...

I love to keep all the cards I received too!!! And this just gave me an idea how to keep mine...All these time the cards are just stacked in a box and i swear dust is all over them... :/ But I know what to do with them now...
And that wedding photo is awesome... ^_^

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