Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Eye Candy

and then there were two...

A while back I bought some candy eyes at the store.  I had planned on using them for April Fool's day for my kids' lunches.  I had it all planed out, I was going to place the eyes in their sandwiches and not say a word.  Unfortunately the joke was on me because April Fool's Day fell on spring break.  I suppose I could have used them anyways but it just didn't seem as fun.  I guess there's always next year.  That said, I thought some of you might enjoy seeing the eyes in action.  

Here's what the package looks like.  I purchased the candy at Target but I think I've seen this at Michaels as well. 

I can't help but think of Heidi Kenney's plush toys when I look at this.

Changing subjects, I'm going to try and get rid of the Captcha to make commenting easier.  I stress the word try because I always get tons of spam when I do this.  Then I end up turning the feature back on. If you have the time, please let me know in the comments if you prefer no Captcha, thanks :)

*Update  Captcha is back on.  I had over 30 spam comments within less than 24 hrs :(


Michelle said...

Oh, Jessica, I already see you got spammed! I do like the no cap-whatever-thingy, but to tell you the truth, I'm thinking about turning mine on after 5(?) years of not having it, just because SPAM emails are the PITS! Whatever you do, I get it, and I'll still try and comment as often as possible. :0)

Michelle L. said...

The eyes have it! I saw those at my corner grocery store (Vons) and thought about buying them, but never bake. NOW, of course, I will buy them and put them on everything in sight! They turn anything into amigurimi!!!

I hate captcha, but I understand. Have you tried the comment moderation? I don't mind using it - I would rather have more comments than I would get using captcha. It just means going in and deleting a bunch of crap before it is published.

Michele Pacey said...

Oh gosh those muffins with eyes are hilarious! That's great!

Yes, I gotta say I hate the Captcha because they are virtually impossible to read lately and I have to reset the thing a few times before I get it right. Awful. That said, I totally understand people using it. I don't use it though, and I don't get much/if any spam. I don't really know why, but in my settings under "Who Can Comment" I've selected "Registered user" and under Comment Moderation I've selected "Sometimes for posts older than 14 days". I don't know if you're up for changing yours but I very rarely get spam with these settings.

~amy~ said...

These are fabulous...made me chuckle.

I am definitely anti-captcha. I do a ton of blog surfing on my phone, and well, those captcha's make things real difficult. I agree with the comment moderation comments:)

gale said...

I don't like captcha but what I did was limit commenters to registered users only. I hated to but when I switched it to anyone, I had over 250 spams in about a one hour period. No lie. I do have comment moderation on but that's just ridiculous. I set it to anyone if I have a giveaway but then switch it back after it's over.

gale said...

I just thought of something. I wish they had a setting where unregistered users had to enter the captcha letters and registered users didn't have to. That would be awesome.

Zakka Life said...


That's what I have it set to now, only registered users. It seems to be working well.

Great idea in your second comment!

paperandthepea said...

Eye candy! I love the pun. :D

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