Thursday, April 11, 2013

Makers Gonna Make

"Makers Gonna Make" Tattly Design by Jude Landry

I was browsing around Tattly the other day when I stumbled upon this temporary tattoo, Makers Gonna Make.  The quote just spoke to me and made me laugh.  If you've never visited Tattly before, they have lots of designer/crafty themed tattoos.

Here are a few other crafty places I've been enjoying around the web:

Dewey Decimal System Inspired Journals by Lime Riot - I'm smitten with this idea of a dewey decimal system inspired craft project.  Did you know "crafts" falls under 745.5?  

Guest Post by Abby Glassenberg on Crafty Pod - Abby shares how she's been talking on the phone with some of her blog readers.  I found this post intriguing and very insightful.  For bloggers, would you call up some of your readers?  For readers, would you want to talk on the phone with the authors of the blogs you read?

Washi Tape Crafts - Amy Anderson from Modge Podge Rocks just launched a new site dedicated to washi tape crafts.

Cut Out + Keep featured in Google Ad - Normally I wouldn't send you to an ad but since it features Cat and Tom from Cut Out + Keep I'm making an exception. I just watched the video myself, it's really well done.

I also want to give a shout out to Michele for helping me get a grip on the spam comment situation.  Captcha is off once again! 


Marie {Make and Takes} said...

I love this!

laputain said...

huh. I was all "that's edinburgh!" then these shiny good looking people appeared and I thought "no, okay, it's going to be a visit scotland ad before the real thing kicks in"...but it wasn't. I didn't realise they were scottish although i'd heard of the blog before.

LimeRiot said...

That tattoo is so great!

Thank you for linking up to my dewey crafts and for introducing me to some new sites as well! I'm extra excited to hear about the washi site. I've hoarded so much washi and need some ideas to start actually using it :).

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