Thursday, August 1, 2013

Book Review: Martha Stewart's Favortie Crafts For Kids

When I saw Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts For Kids would be hitting the market soon, I secretly crossed my fingers I would receive a review copy.  And lucky me, I was offered one so I'm sharing about it with all of you today!

Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts For Kids contains 175 projects for kids to make.  As you might have guessed, many of the projects are from the website and past magazines. 

Usually for book reviews I pick out a few project I like and share them with you.  But since this book is for kids, I let my daughter pick out her favorite projects to share. 

Pictured above are sheep my daughter made from one of the projects in the craft book.  My daughter picked out the project and we read the directions together.  She's seven years old and was able to make the sheep on her own.  She was even able to draw and cut out the sheep shape for the construction paper.  I thought I was going to have to help her with this part but I was pleasantly proved wrong.    I don't have the original picture from the book to share with you but they look just the same.  The only difference is the the sheep are hanging from string.

Ice Pop Shop made out of wooden craft sticks

Solar System Bedroom How-To

July 4th Rocket Favors

If you would like to check out more of Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts For Kids, click here.  There's even a sample pom pom animal project.


Caca said...

I am going to get it from nearby bookstore.

babalisme said...

I think half of my book shelves filled with Martha herself. LOL. From homekeeping to baking to crafting! and here's soon a new addition to the family! thank you for the review!

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Anonymous said...

I really need to hunt this book down. I have been searching all over the place to find creative activities and crafts for my kids. I love the little sheep and it doesn’t look like anything is too complicated to make. Thanks for sharing your review.

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