Sunday, July 28, 2013

An Unexpected Package

 Party Origami in German!

Just about every week a delivery truck will park by my house and I'm always hoping there's a package for me, even if I haven't ordered anything.  I quietly peek out the window and keep my fingers crossed.  Usually the carrier walks right past my house and over to the neighbor.  But once or twice a year I'll receive an unexpected package.  And this weekend I received a box filled with copies of Party Origami in German!  It was such a happy surprise.

How was your weekend?  Any happy surprises?


Suzanne said...

I'm giddy for you! My FIL was an author and we have copies of several of his books in other languages. The international presence of your book is awesome!

LimeRiot said...

Hee hee... I always stalk the parcel delivery trucks too, hoping they are stopping for me :).

What a fun surprise for you!

Caca said...

wow, is that means you are going to host a giveaway party soon?

Bonnie Nicol said...

German too - I'm sure it has taken time but your book is so worth it.

You know I have been looking at the book sleeve thinking I may make a template to protect my origami collection. Would that be ok?

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